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Discover the science and research behind iBrainy

iBrainy is based on science and research made by top universities, academic institutes, consulting firms, and more. We use the research to support our LMS development and empower organizational training. Read samples of these research papers.

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Gamification research


"Businesses should start thinking differently about how to engage customers and employees. Gamification can provide a reason for a customer to visit a website or a store more often. It could give employees a new way to obtain the feedback they desire on job performance. "


"Online lessons let employees easily access, share, and update their training sessions on their own schedules rather than the company’s, while “gamification” makes lessons more engaging and memorable."


"Relevant, personalized, easily digestible content linked to current work and reinforced by virtual coaching, nudges, and gamification will drive employees’ engagement."


"The IBM Digital Badge Program began in earnest, and within weeks, we began to see dramatic results. Student enrollments increased by 129%, and the percentage of enrollees who actually completed courses increased by 226%."

Big Think

"Brands like BMW, Walmart, and IBM are seeing big wins from the use of gamification in corporate training... Leaderboards are cited by experts as one of the most important elements of a gamified experience... The benefits of utilizing gamification in corporate training are numerous."

PubMed gov

"Gamification thus promises a dual improvement consisting of making the activities more pleasant while ensuring people’s long-term engagement with tasks perceived to be demotivating [16]. Basically, a range of emotional, cognitive and social benefits are ascribed to gamification."

Springer Link

"The results show that gamification has increasingly been accepted as a useful learning tool to generate more engaging educational environments... Support and motivate students to participate in a gamification system."


"Gamification can dramatically increase participation in human capital management processes, such as e-learning, performance management, and recruitment. HR managers should apply gamification to processes with low voluntary participation and look beyond traditional HCM vendors."

JMIR Publications

"The meta-analyses showed that gamified training tasks were more motivating/engaging (Hedges g=0.72) and more demanding/difficult (Hedges g=–0.52) than non- or less-gamified tasks".


"89% of people indicated that the app gave them a positive impression of KPMG as an innovative place to work."

​"71% of users are now more comfortable connecting a client challenge or opportunity with how we can help."

Active learning research

Graduate Program

"Active learning encourages conversation and debate, while passive learning encourages active listening and paying attention to detail. Traditionally, active learning is considered to activate higher-order thinking, and passive learning just helps students to retain."

Scientific Research

"This case study identifies the effectiveness of active learning strategies and benefits in curriculum and pedagogy course which is a central concept of student-centred learning, derived from the constructivist approach."


"Active learning narrows achievement gaps for underrepresented students in undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and math. active learning reduced achievement gaps in  examination scores by 33% and narrowed gaps in passing rates by 45%"

Springer Link

"Analysis of the pre-post effect sizes demonstrated a significantly higher mean effect size thereby indicating a positive effect of active learning on Asian students' performance in STEM subjects."


The results demonstrate that active training leads to better performance than passive training on the more difficult task. The magnitude of this advantage was consistent for both age groups. Furthermore, active training seems to leave more durable traces in memory than passive training.


"It also revealed the importance of new knowledge acquisition through an active learning process among employees in promoting greater digital innovation within organizations. Companies also need an active learning process as an effective and efficient learning approach for skill enhancement."

Microlearning research


"From the work-based learning perspective, microlearning has been considered as one of the key topics in talent development topics. Policymakers, educators, researchers and participators have the responsibility to explore how to promote, design and use microlearning."


"Corporate microlearning moves training into the workflow, minimizing disruption. It is a flexible approach to training that appeals to digital consumers. Microlearning is particularly effective as part of a broad training strategy, used to introduce and reinforce deeper training."


"Microlearning is a strategy that complements more comprehensive classroom and web-based training by reinforcing concepts between tasks in the office or working as job aids on the production floor."

Sage Journals

"There are several key benefits to utilizing a microlearning approach, including being inexpensive, having quick content delivery, and being effective... Delivery can occur at anytime and anywhere, therefore removing the constraints of employees’ time and physical space."

Quizzes for learning

PubMed gov

"The results support the hypothesis that interrupting learning with quiz questions is beneficial because it can enhance learner engagement. Experiment 2 provided further support for this hypothesis, based on participants' retrospective ratings of their task engagement."

Sage Journals

"we advocate for the use of frequent low-stakes quizzes, as a learning tool so that teachers and students can assess knowledge gaps, rather than high-stakes tests used only for summative purposes and high-stakes decision-making."

vanderbilt university

"These quizzes can consist of short-answer or multiple-choice questions, and can be administered online or face-to-face. Studies suggest that providing students the opportunity for retrieval and providing feedback for the responses will increase learning of the material."

California State University, Northridge

"The enterprise Quiz app will decrease manual efforts in selecting the right set of employees for the upcoming project. The Employer can conduct quizzes on the topics based on the requirements of the new project, and all the employees in the organization can attempt the test."

Mobile-first learning

Research Gate

"Numerous studies, provide advantages of Mobile learning for companies and they include increased information sharing, increasing management of learning, enhance job performance, bridging the digital divide, and promote collaboration and cooperation in learning, and improved convenience and personalized learning. "

DePaul University Chicago

"Mobile learning seeks to utilize the ubiquity and unique capabilities of mobile devices to make course materials available to students wherever they are, and to create new kinds of learning experiences that help students engage with course content and the world."


"The study validates the robustness of the original TAM model and its application in the field of
mLearning. Therefore, the study contributes to the knowledge base of technology acceptance theories and mobile training."

Research Gate

"The analysis revealed that a majority of students used iPads, cell phones, and laptop computers to study anytime and anywhere. Respondents reported that these technological devices enabled students to meet deadlines faster than students without mobile devices."

Important note: iBrainy is not affiliated with any of the universities or organizations mentioned above. Our team read much research, and implemented the relevant best practices from these research.

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