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Create more efficient job training, 50% faster with AI.
Gameify employees learning, shorten time to productivity & track performance with robust analytics.

Use our generative AI creator tool to turn long documents and presentations into gamified microlearning quizzes and courses available in a mobile app & web. 

Let our AI save you time.

Deliver better training & track performance.

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Boost your employees learning with gamification 

Gamification makes employee learning or any corporate training engaging and enjoyable. Thus, it increases motivation, fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, facilitates experiential learning, and provides immediate feedback for performance improvement. 

"71% of KPMG's employees are more comfortable connecting a client challenge after using a gamified training app"


AI tools to create engaging learning

The all-in-one LMS that easily boosts your learning and development efforts using AI, and makes your employees want to learn voluntarily. 


AI creator tool

​iBrainy's AI creation tools will allow employees and managers to create new content quickly. Just copy your existing content from a document or presentation, paste it into the AI creator tool, and get content suggestions in a gamified format.  


Collaborate &
prevent duplicates

Collaboration among employees is crucial for creating high-quality learning content. Employees can generate fresh ideas by working together and sharing their diverse knowledge and expertise. Also, our tools prevent time wasting and duplicate content creation.


Quiz Maker

Are you tired of boring lectures and static studying materials? Create engaging quizzes with different formats, images, videos, true or false, complete the sentence, and more. Say goodbye to monotonous studying and hello to interactive learning.

​Features to motivate and empower employees' career journey


Mobile First

Let your millennial and generation Z employees consume content how they used to it. 



iBrainy automatically recommends content based on goals, positions, and performance reviews.


Bite-Sized Courses

Let your employees dive deep into a long and complicated topic or process while gamifying it to bite-size quizzes.


Rewards & Badges

Motivate employees to learn and reach milestones with badges and points that lead to rewards.


Learning Paths

Set a detailed learning path for each employee including tasks, lessons, quizzes, courses and milestones. 



Bring the learning experience to where the employees are already at, such as Slack, Microsoft teams, and more.

Learning & Development Strategy

"60 percent of respondents plan to increase L&D spending over the next few years, and 66 percent want to boost the number of employee-training hours."

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Everything a manager needs to motivate learning and development


Employee Analytics

Analytics can help you track and measure the effectiveness of your training. Whether you're looking to improve the onboarding process or boost employee productivity.


Social Learning

Competitions and leaderboards can encourage learners to engage with each other and compete for rewards. Social features motivate learners and increase engagement.


Performance Review & Surveys

Performance reviews provide employees with feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement, which can help guide their learning and development efforts


Easy-To-Use Admin

Managing and organizing courses, training, or employee reviews can be a breeze. You can easily add, delete, modify courses, create assignments, and more with a simple and intuitive interface.

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